How to Design Social Media Creatives for Ecommerce Business?

If we say that ‘social media is as ubiquitous as oxygen these days’, it will not be an overstatement. One of the main reasons why social media platforms are expanding is because humans are visual people. Yes, before the internet boom, it was a billboard or a magazine or watching TV that grabbed our attention for long hours because it is our nature to get fascinated with attractive images and moving pictures.

Social Media platforms came into contention with the rise of Facebook and since then they have not looked back. For ecommerce businesses, social media platforms are a blessing in disguise as they allow them to connect with their customers on a more personal level.

But, to connect well, the ecommerce businesses have to understand the nuances of making pitch perfect social media creatives. Yes, as social media platforms are predominantly visual platforms, creating the right ‘creatives’ can do wonders for your business. It makes not only the social media page of the ecommerce platform visually attractive but also maintains the brand image of the organization.

Therefore, in this blog, we will understand the steps to design prolific social media creatives for ecommerce business. In addition, we will also see the kind of changes ecommerce businesses can make in creatives to suit the taste of their target audience.

Let us begin!

1: What are social media creatives and its importance?

In a nutshell, social media creative is pictorial form of content be it video or a static picture. They are used to showcase things in a more attractive way with a view to increase user engagement on a particular platform. The tone, colour combination, size, etc. of a social media creative is subject to the platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), the kind of message it is carrying and also to the target audience.

The rise in demand of social media creatives coincided with the decreasing attention span of humans. As it is safe to say that the attention span of humans is less than that of a goldfish, social media creatives became an important tool for businesses. More so for the ecommerce companies, social media creatives serve in multiple ways. Be it push notifications, explaining about offers and discounts, addressing the audiences, etc. social media creatives have all bases covered for the ecommerce companies.

Now after getting an overview on the importance of social media creatives, let us understand its basic nuances in detail.

2: How to design social media creatives for ecommerce businesses?

Ecommerce companies need to understand one fact that the world of social media is constantly evolving. Thus, there is no clear cut template that can be followed in order to design social media creatives. Having said that, there are some tried and tested methods that will assist the ecommerce businesses to ace the social media creatives game. Let us understand them one by one.

3: Use the right color code

Colours play an important role in making or breaking a social media creative for an ecommerce platform. Yes, because the right use of colour will help you to deliver the message clearly to your targeted audience.

For example, if you are an online grocery shop, you can use bright as well as subtle colours in your social media creatives to garner the attention of your audience. Whereas, if you are an online medicine delivery platform, you have to be more mindful in using the background colours in the creatives.

Apart from this, as an ecommerce platform, you can also choose a standard color according to your brand and design the creatives according to that. Single tone colors play a vital role in making a different identity of your business and make you stand apart from your peers.

4: Be mindful of the size of creatives

Ecommerce businesses need to understand that the social media creatives are essentially a subtle way to reach your audience. So, please refrain from the ‘in your face’ strategy and design the size of the creatives according to the platform. Yes, the biggest mistake that ecommerce businesses make while designing their social media creatives is they consider ‘all social media platforms as one’. This is where they fail to crack the code.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. all have different audiences belonging to different age groups. So their way of receiving content on each platform will also be different. Thus, businesses should always keep consistency in the size of the creative and make it platform centric.

5: Understand your Audience

This might seem a pretty straightforward task but the majority of the ecommerce businesses fail to understand it. It is a prerequisite for any business to understand its audience, but this becomes even more important while designing a social media creative.

People perceive things differently on social media. Thus, if your creatives are not according to the taste of the audience, you will not receive the desired results. Make an extensive study about the likes and dislikes of your targeted audience and design the social media creatives accordingly.

In addition, understanding the audience will also increase the relevancy of the social media creatives and will enhance its reach as well. Such social media creatives also have the ingredients to exponentially increase the brand image of your ecommerce business as well.

6: Keep up with the trends

Although it is not an ecommerce platform, Amul has aced the game when it comes to keep up with the social media trends. Their social media creatives are sleek, up to the mark and thus always strike the right chord with the audience. The ecommerce platforms should take a lesson or two from amul in order to level up their game as well.

Keeping up with the latest trends will not only keep your ecommerce business in vogue but will also increase the credibility of your platform. See, customers these days look for much more than just buying a product from an ecommerce platform. They research their history, go through their social media pages to see what kind of issues they have addressed, etc.

Thus, it is vital to keep up with the trends and use them wisely in your social media creatives according to the brand image.

7: Be street smart while using words

Social media creatives are not just about the pictures, the colors and the size of the image, it is about the words as well. Remember there is no rigid rule while designing a social media creative that you have to use an image. A social media creative can be a plain, simply written sentence as well.

We have umpteen examples before us where brands have been wise enough to use the right words in their social media creatives to make them stand out among the rest. The art of picking the right words hugely depends on two factors:

  • How clear is the business organization about the subject?
  • How clearly do they communicate the message with their team?

Social media creatives run on two extremes. If the companies fail to understand them, they remain an enigma, but if business houses get a hold of them, they can produce wonderful results for them. The above mentioned steps will help your ecommerce business a great deal in being thorough with the social media creatives and convey your message directly through them. Moreover, ecommerce businesses must keep in mind that social media in general in an evolving space. So they have to be on their toes every time to be on the top of their social media creative game.

Happy designing, folks!