Case Study: Richa Dave Cosmetics

The world has gone through a paradigm shift after the global pandemic and the story of the beauty and cosmetics industry is no different. The customers have shifted from the brick and mortar stores to the online platforms and thus it has become inevitable for businesses to change according to the requirements.

At Ecomnext, we strive to make the digital presence eminent for our clients irrespective of their genre of work. We understand their requirements, analyze it with the demands of the market and then render them the best services available at affordable rates.

In our journey, we have made differences to the business of a plethora of organizations and individuals. Our well researched and proven techniques have helped companies to reach at the zenith of their genre and one such leading example of this is the Richa Dave Cosmetics Store.

A brief about Richa Dave

In the realm of cosmetics, beauty and lifestyle industry, Richa Dave needs no introduction. She has been a pioneer in skincare products with superlative skills and knowledge. She also has her name etched in history as she holds the Limca Book of Records in 2006 as the youngest beautician. In addition, she has expertise in developing easy to pocket products and has been delivering immaculate results in that aspect of the beauty industry.

How Ecomnext helped Richa Dave?

With her name in the market and a wider reach in the industry, Richa Dave used to sell her products through seminars and at her beauty salon outlet. Therefore, she only had one mode of sales and marketing i.e. the offline mode. But as we have seen in the last two years or so, since the global Coronavirus pandemic in the whole world, everything has gone digital. The offline modes of sales, marketing and communications came to a standstill and it affected the overall return on investments of the products sold by Richa Dave as well.

So after march 2020 since all the offline modes were closed, she approached Ecomnext to expand the reach of her brand and help her in this transition period.

We at Ecomnext through shopify first helped her in setting up an immaculate online marketplace. This helped her to make a base in the digital arena and her name and fame in the offline market acted as a catalyst in growing her name in the online space as well. After creating a website that was easy to navigate and understand, we at Ecomnext focused on the biggest marketing space in the digital world i.e. the social media platforms.

We curated customized digital marketing campaigns pertaining to the target audience of Richa Dave to help her increase the visibility of her products in the online space as well. Apart from increasing the online visibility of her beauty products, Ecomnext helped in increasing her personal brand image using superlative social media marketing strategy.

Impact of the social media marketing strategy

Related to the target audience of the products sold by Richa Dave, we understood that we have to target mainly Facebook and Instagram as the social media platforms to achieve the maximum result. Our in-depth research and analysis and deep understanding about the market space brought in amazing results as the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) increased by a whopping 12 times. In addition to the social media platforms and setting up an online marketplace, we assisted Richa Dave in ecommerce consulting, website development and online marketplace management as well.

The digital marketspace is growing at the rate of knots and the covid-19 pandemic has been a fuel to the fire. Brands and business organizations have to evolve themselves with the changing times if they want to survive and thrive in today’s competitive scenario.

At Ecomnext, we have helped innumerable brands and business enterprises such as Richa Dave and helped them reached excellency in their business genre. Our only motto is to be your ecommerce and digital consultancy partner and help in achieving all the success with our measured efforts and knowledge of the market space.