Case Study: Active Care Store

We live in a connected world where everything is dependent on some other thing. Now to put connectivity into business perspective, it has opened a myriad of opportunities for businesses across the world.

At Ecomnext, we focus on rendering focused and innovative solutions related to web development, digital marketing, ecommerce consulting, SEO, etc. to give your business an edge over your peers. Our client-centric solutions are designed to cater all the needs of our clients worldwide and help them in their business expansion.

In our never-ending quest for excellence, we have built professional relationships and have created strong platforms for brands worldwide. One such prime example of our ecommerce consultation, web design and digital marketing is Active Care Store

Active Care Store: An Overview

Active Care Store is a leading beauty retailer based in the United Kingdom. The ecommerce website began in the year 2019 and since then, it has been proliferating by leaps and bounds. It will not be an overstatement to say that in a span of two years, Active Care Store has become a ‘one-stop destination’ for beauty products, skincare, haircare and fragrances for the people in the UK.


The ecommerce platform has a wide range of products for its customers ranging from skincare, hair care, perfumes, makeup, etc. In addition, the platform fosters products from leading brands all over the world in all its product categories.



Fragrance (Perfumes and Cologne)

Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Paco Rabanne, Christian Dior, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, etc.

Skin Care

Dermalogica, Clinique, Biotherm, Decleor, Revlon, Elemis, Elizabeth Arden, etc.

Hair Care

Tigi, American Crew, Wella, L’oreal, Matrix, Revlon, Goldwell, Fudge professional, etc.

The wide range of products and the association with the leading brands speaks volumes about the credibility of Active Care Store. Moreover, it is also a clear indicator of the name the platform has made for itself in a very short span of time.

Their beginning: Inception of the Idea

The team at Active Care Store has in-depth knowledge and experience of the wholesale market. Thus, the idea behind developing an ecommerce website was to render high quality beauty products to people in an easier manner.

The team understood that people have to visit different stores or for that matter different websites to get an entire set of beauty products. Getting quality products under one umbrella was mighty difficult. So the basic idea that led to the inception of the Active Care Store was to provide everything to the customers at one place.

Moreover, the team at Active Care Store did a full-throttle research of leading marketplaces such as Amazon and ebay. After looking at their work ethics and style of doing businesses, we decided to begin our own website in order to provide the best possible services to the customers.

Market Research

In any business, the end products that the customers see is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. The real efforts and commitments that go behind the scenes are never noticed by anyone. The story behind the idea of an Active Care Store website is no different.

Our team of expert analysts and researchers did a detailed study of the market for more than five years. Now we all are aware of the fact that due to the proliferation of technology, the new-age marketplaces are evolving at the rate of knots. So there will be no time where the market trends or the buying patterns of the customers are similar beyond a certain extent.

So, the team at Active Care Store did their homework behind the changing trends and understood their pattern and what devised the change. Moreover, we understood that there are several factors that affect the buying patterns of the customers irrespective of the things they are buying. Some of the leading factors are:

  • Cost of the product

  • Demographic location of the customers
  • What stuff their peers are buying

  • What product is more famous on social media platforms?

  • Actual necessity of the product

Out of the above mentioned factors, only the ‘actual necessity of the product’ remains constant, other all factors are variable and are bound to change.

Along with the buying patterns, the change in product trends depends on several external factors. Some of the leading factors are:

  • Evolution in technology
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Viability and durability of the product
  • Paradigm shift in the entire market

Since all these factors are very dynamic and important to understand, we invested 5+ years in studying them and devising our website. One of the main objectives behind creating the ecommerce website of Active Care Store was to render a hassle-free shopping experience to the customers.

Catering the best services

After doing an in-depth market research of various metrics related to the online business, it was time to get into action. So since the prime objective of Active Care Store was to reach the maximum number of people, we decided to build a generalized platform for beauty products.

Along with getting access to products from leading brands for skin care, hair care, etc., the website has intelligent bifurcations of the main categories. As for example, if you go into the fragrance section, we have divided the perfumes and cologne in different categories such as:

  • Body Mist
  • Gift Sets
  • Eau de Cologne
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Eau de Toilette

With these easy to understand categories, the customers would find it easier to find their desired product without any hurdle. The thought behind making different sub-categories in the main products was simple. The team at Active Care Store understood that every customer comes on an online platform with a definite set of things in mind. Thus, it is the prime duty of the ecommerce platform to cater the customer to their destined product as early as possible.

The sub-categories in our fragrance, skin care, hair care, makeup section allows the customers to understand the product fully and make a definitive decision. Moreover, the website has crisp and to the point product description that educates the customers about the product before they actually buy it.  

Moreover, each of our products are influenced by the latest trends. Thus, the customers can be rest assured of getting not only the best but also the most famous products on our platform.

Key to success: Constant evolution

In the modern dynamic business world if you are stagnant, your business will die a premature death sooner or later. In complete contrast to this, the team at Active Store believes in taking calculated risks and constant evolution.

Focusing on the basic aim of rendering the best products and services to the customers, we have expanded the number of brands, products and functionality on our platform. The team has a strict protocol of adding only those products that relate to the buying habits of their targeted audience.

Moreover, the ecommerce website values and believes in catering to their customer feedback. They keep a close eye on the reaction of the customers related to each product and act on them. By valuing the suggestions of the customers, Active Care Store has increased its overall customer retention rate and has also expanded its user base.

Another key aspect that defines the rate of evolution is keeping pace with the changing technology. At Active Care Store, the team is well updated with all the latest technology trends and never leaves a stone unturned in including them. But, the ecommerce platform also takes care of not over-doing things. They first analyze if there is an actual need for technology transformation according to the products and include it after proper research only.

Role of Ecomnext: What did we do to escalate their business?

Ecomnext since its inception is known for its flexible client-centric nature. So when Active Care Store approach us with their digital marketing necessities, we analyzed their requirements from:

  • Demographic location of the targeted audience
  • Age range of the targeted audience
  • What are the premier products of the company?
  • Technical requirements

We at Ecomnext understand that for any business to proliferate in today’s digitally driven world, it has to have a good website. Thus, for Active Care Store, we took care of everything related to IT. Be it maintaining an interactive website UI/UX or tracking customer behavior or optimizing the marketing budget, everything was streamlined by us.

Along with the technical assistance, we developed different strategies for various social media platforms and search engines. To expand an ecommerce business in the present day and age, the company needs to have a strong social media presence.

Thus, we at Ecomnext devised a specific plan pertaining to every social media platform in order to gain maximum audience attraction. Because with our in-depth knowledge and expertise in digital marketing, we understand that the people coming on each social media platform like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have different requirements.

Therefore, we moulded the content to make it more customer-centric related to each social media platform and the results are here to see:

  • Before Ecomnext, social media ROAS was between 1x-1.5X. Now with our intelligence, experience and efforts, we have taken the average ROAS to 7x, which is close to 700% higher than the previous.
  • There has been a whopping 150% increase in the average order GBP with Ecommext of Active Care Store. Before us, the average order value was GBP 33 which has now increased to 50
  • There has been more than 300% rise in the organic traffic as well on the Active Care Store website with Ecomnext

Steps taken to achieve the result

Now Active Care Store (ACS) was very disappointed with the work of their previous agency before they came to us. They were looking for an experienced and skillful digital agency that could understand their business and provide them the desired results.

At Ecomnext, our perennial customer-centric approach is one of our biggest USPs. The team at ACS were mighty pleased with our customer-centric approach. Moreover, as we believe in data and analysis, our data-driven approach also came in handy to get amazing numbers for ACS.

Some of the leading steps that we took to turn around the market game for Active Care Store were:

  • Extensive Data Analysis: Here we implemented in-depth and exhaustive data research with a view of leaving no-stone unturned to render the best service to the Active Care Store.
  • Competitor Analysis: Since ACS had a specific target audience to address to, we did complete competitor analysis in order to understand what they are doing. By studying their methods, we devised a marketing strategy that was flawless and hit the pain point of the customers on the right note.
  • Market Research: Along with competitor analysis, we did extensive research to know the latest market trends and happenings in the realm of ecommerce. We specifically had the UK in focus as the majority of the targeted audience of Active Care Store belonged to the UK only. With in-depth market research, we were able to put Active Care Store miles ahead of its peers.
  • Personalized Services: We didn’t shy away a bit from designing individual product strategies to render more personalized services to the customers of Active Care Store. It helped the ecommerce store to target various regions of their targeted audience on various social media platforms according to their choices and buying habits.

Business mantra of Active Care Store

Our basic business is to render the best quality services to our customers as far as beauty products are concerned. Moreover, along with rendering the quality service, the platform renders them at the best price available as well.

What makes Active Care Store different from its peers is its sheer dedication and customer-centric approach. They think about everything from their targeted audience’s point of view and then devise their business strategy. Moreover, keeping their basic business mantra at the center, they evolve their marketing practices in order to remain relevant in the market.

In addition, their business practices have no shortcuts as they believe in taking the long road to success.

Goals for the Future

The primary business goal of Active Care Store for the future is to expand their business horizon in different directions. They plan to expand their product range to 7K+sku so that the customers get access to the best beauty care products at a single destination.

Along with the product expansion, their financial goal is to generate a revenue of 7 million GBP by the next financial year.